HumanConcepts announces OrgPlus Premium: A First-in-Class solution for planning, measuring and implementing workforce change

HumanConcepts, the leading provider of workforce decision support solutions, today launched OrgPlus Premium, a new software upgrade that manages all human resource activities around workforce change – from planning through documentation and reporting. OrgPlus enables executives and HR professionals to automatically create org charts to view, analyse and model workforce information. Now OrgPlus Premium adds the ability to track all changes made during a workforce planning activity, measure their impact, and easily update them in the HR system of record.

OrgPlus Premium streamlines and manages multiple aspects of workforce planning and reorganisation, giving HR and line managers the ability to:

  • Manually or automatically create the current organisational chart

  • Modify the organisational chart and create scenarios to illustrate proposed changes

  • Monitor the financial, headcount and other effects of planned changes

  • Create a boardroom quality PDF or PowerPoint presentation of the current and proposed organisations for comparison purposes

  • Create summary and detailed reports of all changes, including financial, headcount and organisational structure

  • Print or electronically distribute actual HR action forms or Personnel Action Notifications that can then be entered into the HR system to implement the changes

In addition, OrgPlus Premium allows users to automatically upload their charts to OrgPlus OnDemand on a scheduled basis. OrgPlus OnDemand is an online version of OrgPlus that enables creation and sharing of charts collaboratively over the Web.

“OrgPlus Premium connects the dots between conceptual workforce planning and the implementation of changes necessary to bring the new organisation to fruition,” said Martin Sacks, HumanConcepts President and CEO. “Having detailed transaction listings of every change decided upon, as well as meaningful summaries of the modifications for the go-forward structure of the organisation, are essential components of any organisational planning activity. OrgPlus Premium is a must-have solution for any company undergoing change.”

OrgPlus Premium Availability and Pricing : OrgPlus Premium is available now. Pricing is based on company size and starts at £244. Upgrade pricing is available for current OrgPlus users. OrgPlus Premium is available directly from HumanConcepts by calling +44 (0) 1392 823023. 


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