ikordo polls HR managers on online meeting planner

ikordo, the free online meeting planner that juggles dates with attendees so that you don’t have to, is targeting HR managers to gather their opinion and feedback into its new meeting service which relieves the tedium and frustration associated with organising meetings.

In return for organising two meetings using ikordo and providing feedback on their experience by December 17th, each HR manager will receive £5.00 worth of iTunes.

The HR department recognises that meetings are an essential part of modern business life, but are all too familiar with the time, frustration and effort that they expend organising these meetings; often dedicating hours and days to the task. The process of negotiation to find a time and date that fits with everyone’s schedule requires meticulous planning and, more often than not, the power of persuasion.

ikordo was developed to make scheduling and organising meetings simpler and works with busy HR professionals, their Pas and secretaries to organise these meetings using e-mail to negotiate with attendees on their behalf.  Think of it as a virtual assistant.   ikordo doesn’t require software downloads or shared calendars, it simply uses plain English and email to communicate and negotiate a convenient time.

The decision to poll opinion and feedback from HR department recognises the pivotal role that this group plays in organising complex meetings involving lots of people.  Their experience and feedback will contribute directly to the direction and features that the ikordo system offers both now and in the future. 

To participate in the UK-wide trial, HR managers are invited to register at www.ikordo.com/trial.cfm.  Simply complete the short form, follow the instructions and then enjoy using ikordo to organise two meetings – and don’t forget to give us your feedback to claim your iTunes gift certificates.

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