Ineffective leaders holding back UK plc

Two-thirds of UK organisations are suffering from a shortage of highly effective leaders, according to a survey of 664 training managers

In response to this leadership deficit, 85% of UK organisations are now investing in some form of leadership development activity, according to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

Jessica Jarvis, CIPD adviser on learning, training and development, said: “This leadership deficit could undermine the ability of UK organisations to adapt to change and achieve their business strategies.

“Although many organisations are investing in leadership development, it appears that many leaders lack the skills to successfully lead and manage organisations during times of change.”

Training professionals still face considerable challenges in delivering leadership development, the research shows.

Arguments continue to rage about the most effective solutions and almost half of respondents (47%) report that it isn’t an essential business activity.

Other significant barriers are a lack of support from senior managers (40%) and problems proving the direct impact of activities on business performance (38%).

Jarvis said: “Organisations are not providing sufficient support from the top or sufficient motivation to boost the skills levels of their existing workforce.

“If employers do not provide support for learning at work, and continue to rely on recruitment to meet skills needs, they will find their own organisations falling behind, and they risk contributing to a wider problem for UK plc.”

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