Inspiring Potential offers coaching programme for talent management

Coaching and leadership development firm Inspiring Potential has launched a one-to-one coaching programme to aid talent retention, and improve profitability.

Inspiring-U is a six-stage programme that focuses on issues relating to career change, health, money, relationships and self-esteem and can be tailored for senior executives, business owners, managers, and even those faced with redundancy.

The duration of each course varies depending on the target audience and ranges from 24 coaching hours for directors, senior executives and business owners, to 16 hours for executives facing outplacement and redundancy.

Marielena Sabatier, executive coach and co-founder of Inspiring Potential, said: “This programme can help leaders, managers, high-fliers and teams to raise their game, build on their strengths, overcome their weaknesses and perform to their full potential.  The coaching process also results in organisational benefits, such as greater morale and talent retention, leading to enhanced profitability.”

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