IT jobs market is stable

The IT jobs market is enjoying a period of unparalleled stability with the number of jobs advertised on the web virtually the same in each of the past four quarters in both the permanent and contract markets.

This is the finding from the October 2005 Survey of Appointments Data and Trends by researchers SSL and Personnel Today’s sister publication Computer Weekly.

The number of jobs advertised is up by almost 25% in both permanent and contract markets, compared with the same time last year.

Salaries have continued their slow and steady rise. The average increase in salary offered across all positions was 2.5%, similar to what it has been all year.

At the top of the tree, the average salary for IT directors has risen to a new high for the third quarter in succession. The figure was £96,774, up 11% on a year ago.

New levels are being reached in other major job positions too. Project managers are now being offered an average of £50,000, and developers an average of £40,000. The average programmer’s salary has leapt upwards by 10% this time, and is now almost £30,000.

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