ITV choose TPMG for 360 feedback

ITV have re-appointed TPMG to run their 360 degree feedback process for a third year, having used TPMG’s orbitPLUS software in previous years for their senior managers’ reviews.

Director of Learning and Development, Susannah Clements commented “our original choice of TPMG has proved to be a good one, given the flexibility of their software, the speed and reliability of their customer service and the quality of their analysis. We were able to use relevant questionnaires for different groups, including translations for our German team and crucially, we were able to fulfill the need for full, timely Board level reports to inform bonus decisions.”

In addition to the 360 reports for individuals, ITV found it particularly helpful to see a range of statistical analysis, from rater behaviour across different businesses to overall measures for each question. “We could see immediately the pattern of scoring and identify which questions differentiated most clearly between people and which received most “Don’t Knows”. This meant that we could refine questions and make changes immediately.”

“Everyone these days expects an easy-to-use, reliable, high performance service in this field, and Board Directors of large public companies like ITV are certainly no exception! We were confident that TPMG would fit the bill and we have not been disappointed” said Susannah Clements.


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