Jean Kelly launches harassment and bullying at work training resource for HR

  • Do your HR staff handle harassment, bullying and dignity at work cases?
  • Do they advise and support managers and employees in dealing with these cases?
  • Do they need training to ensure they offer robust advice in dealing with difficult people or situations?
  • Do your customers want professional HR support when faced with sensitive conflict issues?

This training resource is the answer you have been looking for.  Jean Kelly has over 16 years’ experience training, investigating, coaching, advising and researching in the field of harassment, bullying, discrimination and victimisation in the workplace.  This training resource is not just theory – it is based on the wealth of hands-on experience Jean has had, particularly in large public sector organisations.

Jean’s clients include: Companies House, The Insolvency Service, The Crown Prosecution Service, The Health and Safety Executive, the Charities Commission, the House of Commons and many similar organisations.

Jean has put this experience into a training pack – ready for a trainer to use to train HR staff in any organisation.  By using this pack, the trainer covers key areas to ensure HR staff are equipped to confidently deal with harassment and bullying at work and offer a reliable and supportive service to managers and staff alike.

The resource contains trainers’ guidance for the whole programme, including interactive exercises and activities, up to date legal information, 18 handouts for reproduction, step by step walk through of each section of the programme, FAQs and guidance on setting up role plays and giving effective feedback.

How to Deal with Harassment and Bullying at Work – a training resource for HR is available from the Products page of at a cost of £977 (including postage).  If you would like to order an invoiced copy, please email or ring 01753 861771.  There is a money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with this pack.


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