Jobtonic offers Facebook application

Referral recruitment website Jobtonic is the first to offer a Facebook application that users can plug into their profiles.

The refer-o-matic application integrates Jobtonic’s vacancies into Facebook to give advertisers greater exposure and generate additional referral applications through viral spread.

Jobtonic’s refer-o-matic intelligently reads the user’s Facebook profile in order to display jobs most relevant to their location. It gives the growing number of Jobtonic referrers quick and easy access to the latest job vacancies via an application button always present on the left hand side of their profile. The application can easily be added to a Facebook profile with just a few clicks in less than two minutes.

Facebook boasts over 24 million active users worldwide and has been receiving 100,000 new registrations daily since January 2007. With more than 50% of active users visiting the site on a daily basis, the potential for the job-o-matic is massive for recruiters wanting to harness Web 2.0.

Jobtonic general manager Nick Goldstein said: “Facebook is the social networking site of choice for those looking to keep in touch with friends and past colleagues. By embedding our job vacancies on the site with this application, we ensure that our users have easy access to them giving them more opportunities to refer jobs to friends and giving our advertisers extra exposure in this fast growing community.”

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