K2 Performance Systems launches online version of signature performance coaching programme

K2 Performance Systems has launched an online version of its athlete at workTM programme, designed to help individuals perform at the highest possible levels, whatever the circumstances.

Based on its highly successful athlete at workTM high performance coaching programme, the online version has been launched to make sure that the secrets, tools and techniques elite performers use to fulfil their performance potential, are accessible to everyone in any organisation and not just a privileged few. Taking the approach of elite athletes, the programme shares the secrets of world-class performance with people looking to improve their performance at work, achieve more in the time available and enjoy their work more.

Keith Hatter, chief executive officer at K2, said: “If you consider what makes a business or individual successful, it always comes down to performance, yet the fundamental question of human performance is often ignored or misunderstood in the workplace. In the world of the elite athlete, however, performance is the very essence of sport. Elite athletes also know that talent is not enough and that if they are to reach the top, they must learn to perform.

“At K2, we coach the corporate world to prepare and perform like elite athletes and the athlete at workTM online programme is a ground breaking development that means everyone with the desire can now access their competitive advantage.”

People who sign up to the athlete at workTM online programme will benefit from the expertise of K2’s sports psychologists, health and fitness experts and successful business people, who have been helping organisations and individuals reach their full performance potential through the athlete at workTM programme since 2003.

The programme is based on the following key areas:

  • Core principles of performance

  • Motivation

  • Mental fitness

  • Physical energy

 “We are very excited about the athlete at workTM online programme as we really think it will bring power to the people by helping them understand the key elements needed to perform at the highest level,” added Hatter. “The online programme is not only very affordable – at less than £2 a week – it’s now easily accessible too.”


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