Lack of sleep causes British workers to nod off in embarrassing places

Sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic proportions as Brits are napping in the most unusual places and situations, a study reveals today.

More than 10 million Brits have admitted to nodding off in an embarrassing situation, including work meetings, in the company of in-laws, waiting in queues and even during sex.   

The study by budget hotel Travelodge revealed more than half of the 2,000 workers surveyed constantly feel tired, with the main cause being work pressures (30%).

Within the workplace, 45% snooze during meetings, presentations, at their desk, or even sneak off to their car for a quick powernap.

The bedroom is also a casualty of tiredness, with one in 10 falling asleep while making love. More women are guilty of the deed with 11% dozing off mid-romp in comparison to 6% of men.    

Dozing off in queues is becoming a habit too, with 12% admitting to catching 40 winks while waiting in line.

The list of other unusual places to fall asleep include:

  • In the pub or club
  • At the dinner table at home
  • Park bench
  • Hairdressers 
  • Doctor/dentist surgery

Wayne Munnelly, Travelodge sleep director, said: “Due to today’s stressful lifestyle, it’s no wonder that half the UK population admits to nodding off midway into their busy schedules. This is because we are all suffering from ‘sleep debt’.

“You have to think of sleep in the same way as your bank account and ensure you are regularly topping up your sleep account for missed shut-eye. Otherwise your biological clock goes out of sync, resulting in you falling asleep in an embarrassing situation.”

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