Latest Version of Carval HR Unity Delivers Unparalleled Integration

Leading HR software company Carval ( has announced the latest version of its acclaimed HR Unity range, incorporating a host of new features. The new range is the only truly integrated HR, Payroll, Time & Attendance and Self-Service software available in the UK.

Operating uniquely from a single SQL database written by a single supplier, the range comprises Unistaff HR Software, Uniwage Payroll Software and Unitend Time & Attendance Software. Each is a functionally rich standalone solution but modules can be implemented in a combination to suit users’ needs and added to as those needs change. Amongst the new features incorporated in the latest version are a Custom Questionnaires facility, new Expenses Claims functionality and Enhanced Risk Assessments together with the latest biometric and voice-activated telephone clocking-in technologies.

The new Custom Questionnaires facility, in Carval’s Unistaff HR software, has been designed to boost employee engagement initiatives. Users can easily design and produce tailored surveys and polls that any number of employees can complete via Carval’s Self-Service module.

The  Expenses Claims feature in Carval’s Unity Online Self-Service module enables employees to keep on top of their expense and mileage claims. The system informs them whether the claims have been approved and smoothly authorises payment via the payroll. Employees can choose either to submit their expense or mileage claims individually for immediate authorisation, or alternatively to submit them at intervals to suit the way that they are paid. Managers are notified via email or when they log into Self-Service. They have the ability to approve or reject all or individual elements of each claim, adding reasons if desired. The employee will be notified of their decision and all approved claims are sent to payroll.

As Health & Safety is a priority for organisations, the new version allows Health Checks to be assigned to posts. These are then automatically passed on to the employees in that post. Because of the nature of their work, some employees may need specified vaccinations or assessments made on a regular basis. These might include regular tetanus vaccinations for example. With the latest version, the system reports which Health Checks employees have, do not have or fall short on.

Advanced Risk Assessment functionality is also included in the latest version of Unistaff. The new facility now enables assessment by position as well as by employees. This ensures that all employees or managers attached to a particular position will automatically receive the correct risk assessment reminders relevant to their role. This significantly boosts efficiency by eliminating the need for administrators to manually issue reminders on an individual basis.

The latest version also adds to Carval’s extensive portfolio of data capture and identity methods available with Unitend Time and Attendance Management software. A Voice-activated Telephone Clock-in option provides real-time information that accurately monitors the working times of field-based employees or those of agency workers.  The ability for staff to clock-in over the phone also ensures that lone worker safety concerns are addressed. This feature is ideal for organisations with employees working in the community or visiting clients in their homes.

The very latest in Biometric Vein Clock-in technology is also now available with Unitend. This utilises a Lumidigm reader that studies collagen and vein patterns below the skin surface, to provide secure and accurate employee identification. Importantly, this method is unaffected by moisture or dirt on the skin surface. This makes it an ideal access control solution for environments where fingerprint technologies are unreliable;  such as where users are regularly handling materials such as concrete or cardboard that have a skin drying effect.

Carval users will receive a free upgrade to the latest version. 

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