Learning Light invites contributions for its 2010 e-learning industry report

Learning Light is beginning work on updating its figures on the size, shape and state of health of the UK’s e-learning industry.

Last December Learning Light, a company limited by guarantee that focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies, published its second report into the UK’s corporate e-learning industry. In the process it updated figures for this sector which were first published in 2007.

The 2009 report’s principal finding is that the UK e-learning industry remains robustly positive in its view of the market and the prospect for continuing growth. Using financial modeling and third party research, the report suggests that the annual size of the UK e-learning industry in 2009 was between £300m and £450m; with growth rates forecast of between 6.7% and 8%.

The figures from that report – ‘The UK e-learning market 2009’, available as a free download, are now in the process of being updated to reflect industry trends throughout 2010.

Consequently, the Learning Light research team of Glyn Jung, Gillian Broadhead and David Patterson is beginning the process of information gathering and interpretation for the 2010 Report, via a series of interviews with organisations engaged in the e-learning market. These will range from micro-businesses developing innovative technologies to established major service and product suppliers in the UK.

As last year, Creativesheffield is supporting the publication of Learning Light’s report on the e-learning industry in 2010.

Learning Light’s David Patterson said: “If you run a company which is active in the UK e-learning industry and would like to contribute facts and opinions to the 2010 Report, please contact Learning Light as soon as possible so that we can include your company in our assessment of the UK’s corporate e-learning market.

“The Learning Light Report on the e-learning industry is not just the most comprehensive assessment of the UK’s corporate e-learning sector, it is the only such report that has reliable, comparable figures for the industry over the last three years. As such, these series of Learning Light Reports make essential reading for all e-learning market analysts and commentators as well as would-be successful entrepreneurs in this sector.

“So we’re extremely grateful to Creativesheffield for its help and support in not only enabling us to compile these reports but also for making them freely available via their website,” he added.

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