Third of managers do not follow up meeting action points

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A third of managers could be “devaluing” the regular one-to-one check-ins they have with their staff by not following up on the action points raised in previous meetings.

Although 84% of employees thought regular check-ins with their line manager were important, more than a quarter (26%) of staff believed their meetings would be more useful if their manager followed up on their issues and concerns more effectively.

The OnePoll survey of 1,000 staff, commissioned by performance management software supplier Appraisd, found that 24% wanted their manager to prepare for their catch ups more effectively, which suggested that some line managers were not treating such meetings as a priority.

Failing to prepare for the meetings or following up on previous action points meant  managers faced the risk of “devaluing” the time they spent with their employees and losing or forgetting valuable information.

Check-ins work best when a framework is followed and action points are created to help employees and their managers understand what their next steps are, said Appraised founder Roly Walter.

“When this doesn’t happen, employees quickly get disillusioned as they feel their concerns or their development are not a priority,” he said.

“Employees want to know what their goals are, how well they are doing and to have a manager who will do what they promise. Just taking five or 10 minutes to prepare for a check-in and the same amount of time afterwards to note and share the action points, makes these regular meetings far more valuable, measurable and productive for all concerned.”

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