MacLeod Review must be followed up with practical tools

It’s interesting to read the reaction to the MacLeod Review (‘MacLeod Review struggles to engage top HR professionals‘, Personnel Today, 21 July).

The report draws together clear evidence on the impact of effective engagement, and clearly sign-posts the need for practical guidance, particularly for small and medium-sized organisations, who may not have the benefit of dedicated HR or communication resources.

It is vital that such guidance treats engagement ‘in the round’, as one of the fundamental elements of good business practice. Engagement is a core part of the Investors in People framework because we know that a truly productive workforce must feel informed, involved and supported to give their best.

I hope that the direction of travel within this review is now taken forward by the development of practical tools that will complement existing guidance and help employers of all types and sizes achieve the benefits of effective engagement for their workplace.

Simon Jones, chief executive, Investors in People

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