No excuse for treating candidates badly

I cannot believe there are still members of the HR community who feel they are able to justify appalling candidate care by stating lack of resource or being very busy (Letters, Personnel Today, 21 July).

In my previous role as national resourcing manager for Woolworths, we put the candidate at the centre of our process. Every candidate received a response to their application, and we gave them a ‘candidate charter’, which told them what they could expect from us at every stage of their application.

Organisations who do not grasp this concept will, when the economy turns, find themselves at the bottom of list for talented individuals. Remember there is no shortage of talent within the UK – just a shortage of organisations that the talent is prepared to work for.

Great candidate care is essential; if you feel that you can’t provide it then you need to act – fast.

Iain Lewis, HR business partner, Travis Perkins

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