MailMarshal Exchange aids HR professionals by enforcing security policies on all email traffic

Marshal8e6, has launched its internal email filtering solution for Microsoft® Exchange™ 2003 and 2007. MailMarshal Exchange inspects the content of all email traffic passing through a company’s Microsoft Exchange Server to stop inappropriate content, malware and confidential information circulating internally. Industry regulations including the Data Protection Act, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) include requirements for controlling the distribution of information. This corporate governance includes the management of email communication between employees.

MailMarshal Exchange was specifically developed to assist HR professionals by enforcing policy and compliance on all email, including email sent between employees. It can prevent confidential information such as credit card and social security numbers, payroll or medical information from being leaked between employees. MailMarshal Exchange also blocks the distribution of illegal, offensive, pornographic or harassing content via company email.

“Increasingly, companies are asking for solutions that enforce ethical walls to comply with corporate and regulatory legislation such as SEC and HIPAA. For example, public companies need to prevent insider information from leaking and influencing trades.” said Bradley Anstis, Director of Technology Strategy at Marshal8e6. “We’ve all had that experience of inadvertently emailing the wrong person. MailMarshal Exchange gives employees the confidence to email colleagues, safe in the knowledge that they are not flouting policy or risking a security breach.”

MailMarshal Exchange integrates with Active Directory to enable user groups to be defined, allowing specified individuals to receive email that would be restricted from other departments for legal or ethical reasons. MailMarshal Exchange can be used in conjunction with MailMarshal SMTP or other email gateway products used to secure against spam and malware. It scales in proportion to the number of Exchange servers used within an organization.




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