Make an Olympian effort to ignore management status

In response to your article ‘Olympic dream job stumbles at the first hurdle’ (Personnel Today, 13 December 2005), it doesn’t matter who the role reports to.

If anyone understands that reporting lines do not affect the job content of the role it should be HR professionals. Whether the Olympic head of HR reports to the finance director or a chief executive, they should perform to the same levels.

Surely, arguing about to whom the role reports is simply about status?

As HR professionals we are aware that organisations have different structures and values and, therefore, it may not be appropriate for the head of HR to report to anyone else in the organisation other than the finance director.

I wish we could get out of the culture of believing HR automatically has the right to sit on the board or report to the top.

We should show that HR can add value by getting on with the job in hand and, if appropriate, earn a position on the board rather than expecting it.

Phil Farrow is HR manager, Astra Tech

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