Met police gain business NVQs

Staff from the Metropolitan Police have graduated in business administration with the help of e-learning, marking a move towards distance learning as a method of development for business-based skills at the Met.

The courses were supplied by technology skills provider Computeach, and were undertaken over a 12-month period. They included an online component and tutor support.

So far, 36 workers from the Forensic Directorate, National Identification Services, Hillingdon Borough, Recruitment Branch and the Performance Information Bureau have successfully completed a NVQ level 3 in business administration.

“We decided to opt for this to test whether online and work-based learning during dedicated development time would fit with the operational needs of the organisation and open up avenues to develop staff as an alternative to ‘sending them on a course’,” says Chris McDonagh, head of police staff development.

“We also wanted to pose a challenge to junior members of staff who had not yet had exposure to managing people. It was hoped this would aid their progression within the Met, as the course has supervisory elements.”

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