Milkround users reveal what makes top recruitment website

Milkround, the number one graduate recruitment website, asked its student and graduate users to reveal the most important factors for them when rating a jobsite as part of an online satisfaction survey.

Of more than 2,000 users from universities throughout the UK who replied to the survey, three quarters said a detailed job description was an important aspect of a successful recruitment website.

Nearly 60 percent added ease-of-use was vital.

Some 55 percent of respondents chose location and salary as one of their important aspects; comprehensive company details are expected by 43 percent. Nearly two out of five factor in the relevancy of targeted emails and job alerts when rating sites.

Computers remain the most common way to log onto Milkround. Despite the rise of the iPhone and other net-friendly mobile devices, just two percent log on while on the move.

Some 71 percent use the internet and search engines to look for work while 54 percent stick to a specific jobsite such as Milkround. University careers services are used by 44 percent of respondents.

The survey also asked respondents to choose their five preferred industry choices with business and management proving the most popular.

Some 30 percent of respondents are or will be looking for a job in the industry. Advertising, marketing and PR was second with 26 percent followed by banking (21 percent), accounting (19 percent) and the media (18 percent).

Manufacturing, logistics and FMCG were the least favoured industries for graduates to seek work in with just four percent interested in seeking a career in each.

Milkround spokesman Mike Barnard said: “When jobseekers are looking for work online, they want to be presented with information detailing what is expected of them in any given role. Providing as much information as possible will ensure they can get a handle on whether they have the right skills and, if they do, help them feel more confident when completing an application form.

“Recruiters can’t expect their reputation or a clever minimal advertising campaign to deliver the right candidates: very often those with the best skills will be looking for an exact match for their talents which a vague suggestion of what the job might entail won’t deliver no matter how suitable they are. Information about location and salary are key too.

“It’s telling that mobile devices haven’t caught on in the job hunt yet: they may be useful for a quick browse out and about, but job hunters are unlikely to want to fill out application forms with an iPhone, and may not have pre-prepared CVs or cover letter at hand to edit and send. Of course, websites need to stay easy-to-use to keep their jobseekers coming back – something Mikround is rated highly in.”

Milkround was ranked the number one graduate recruitment website in the High Fliers UK Graduate Careers Survey last year and built on this success by redesigning the site to make it even better.

Not only was Milkround ranked the number one in the High Fliers UK Graduate Careers Survey of more than 16,000 university finalists this year, according to the survey more than three quarters (77 percent) of those who had used Milkround prior to its redesign said the new Milkround was better.

A new stretchy search, more advice sections including a Topic pages for popular industries and What Can I Do With My Degree? guides, Life pages and the addition of forums mean Milkround is now better than ever: half of Milkround users visit the site at least once a week.

Mike commented: “We are constantly developing the new site to ensure it remains the UK’s best graduate recruitment website. Our jobs and employer profiles aim to give as much information to candidates as possible so they can make informative choices about which jobs to apply for. Combined with our exhaustive advice sections and new forums so users can communicate with each other, Milkround is the only jobsite students and graduates need to launch their career.”

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