Most public sector jobseekers would accept a pay cut

Public sector jobseekers are increasingly willing to take a pay cut according to the latest research by

The survey of 1,600 public sector jobseekers found that attitudes towards pay cuts are shifting, with two-thirds now willing to take a pay cut to secure a job, compared with only one-fifth supporting the idea in April.

John Salt, director of, said: “Public sector jobseekers have a high level of transferable skills. However in today’s market, this isn’t enough. Jobseekers need to be flexible to secure that next position and it seems that they finally understand this. Those willing to move with the times will find they will reap the benefits in the long term.”

Migration is beginning to be a more popular option for public sector jobseekers looking for better opportunities. The research found that jobseekers are moving from areas where public sector employment has been high, such as the West Midlands and the North-West, to regions such as the South-East and London, which have seen a large rise in job postings.

Changing attitudes towards pay cuts and relocation may be down to a shift in priorities for public sector workers. In April, the key issues for public sector workers were pay and pensions but this recent survey found that job security is now their main priority.

There has been a 14% decrease in public sector job openings in the second quarter of 2010, compared with a 7% growth in the private sector for the same period. However, with more than half of public sector workers stating they feel less secure in their job than before the general election and one-third taking a pay cut or freeze in the past year, it is likely that many will turn to the private sector to fulfil their ambitions.

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