MPs expenses report due today

MPs are due to be told they cannot employ their relatives on parliamentary expenses, under recommendations from Christopher Kelly’s Committee on Standards in Public Life due to be published today.

The report, in the wake of the expenses scandal, is expected to outline deep cuts in the amount of money MPs can claim back. The recommendations are believed to include banning MPs from employing relatives, and will put an end to claims for mortgage payments on second homes. Under the plans, MPs who live within 60 minutes commuting time of Westminster will also no longer be able to receive second home allowances.

Travel, communications and food claims are also thought likely to be in line for deep cuts, according to the Press Association. The controversial £10,400 annual communications allowance is expected to be recommended for abolition.

MPs who are defeated or retire at an election are also unlikely to receive as much as the current resettlement grant, currently worth up to £64,766.

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