Housing-related benefits

Employers spend thousands on extra benefits to attract skilled EU workers

Six in 10 organisations have offered EU workers extra incentives – including medical insurance, bonuses and higher salaries – in...

MPs expenses report due today

4 Nov 2009

MPs are due to be told they cannot employ their relatives on parliamentary expenses, under recommendations from Christopher Kelly’s Committee...

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Trade union leaders under fire for pay rises of up to 20%

3 Aug 2009

Leaders of trade unions in the UK are facing criticism after many were found to have enjoyed pay rises well...

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Police on long-term sick leave may lose allowances

25 Feb 2005

Police officers who are off sick for more than a year will not be paid their allowances under a proposal that has been put forward to the Police Negotiating Board

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Teachers walk out over cost of living allowance

14 Mar 2002

Hundreds of thousands of school children in the London area have been told to stay at home as teachers stage...

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Companies must offer good incentives

1 Dec 2001

Companies must consider offering a range of attractive benefits to prompt highly skilled staff to take a move to the...

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