MPs to gain four extra days’ holiday in 2008

Harriet Harman, the leader of the Commons, has announced a four-day increase in holiday entitlement for MPs in 2008, extending their overall time off to 91 days.

The extra time away from Westminster is due to Easter falling early next year, on 23 March, which means that the Commons will close for the four days of the bank holiday weekend.

Harman also announced that Parliament will “prorogue” [discontinue meetings without dissolving the legislative body] on 30 October for a short break before the Queen’s Speech, on 6 November.

The holiday period is in stark contrast to the average worker, who is set to get a maximum entitlement of 28 days in 2009. This equates to around six weeks off a year, including weekends, compared to 18 weeks for MPs.

Parliamentarians have in the past defended their increasing holiday entitlement by referring to constituency work they undertake.

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