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Oldies determined to retire
Half of UK employers are ready to take on more older workers to meet the growing skills shortage, but most employees have no plans to work beyond the age of 65, according to research by recruitment firm Manpower. The survey of 2,122 UK firms and 1,085 workers reveals that 52% of employers want to employ staff beyond the age of 65, but 81% of staff would not want to continue working into their late 60s.

US waves flag for productivity
Staff in the US continue to outperform workers in the UK and Germany, according to new figures from the UK’s Office for National Statistics. US workers are 27% more productive than their counterparts in the UK, while Germany’s performance was on a par with the UK.

Famous chef in the dock
An employment tribunal has awarded a waitress 124,000 after she was harassed by a ‘famous’ chef at a private members’ club in London. The tribunal upheld a claim for sex discrimination and unfair dismissal after hearing the waitress, 26, was repeatedly quizzed in “crude sexual terms”. The tribunal was told that the chef – who cannot be named for legal reasons – had a “bullying and arrogant approach in seeking to establish a sexual relationship with the claimant”.

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