Olympic Delivery Authority called to account on whether contractors will pay London living wage

The Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) must clarify whether it will force contractors to pay the London living wage, campaigners have insisted.

The ODA pledged its support for the minimum London-weighted living wage of £7.05 an hour last week and said it was committed to encouraging fair employment practices.

Howard Shiplee, the ODA’s director of construction, said: “We want to see contractors adopting the best employment practices, including trade union recognition, absolute commitment to health and safety and sufficient wage levels. And for those tenders within London’s boundary, we will make it clear that we fully support the London living wage.”

But Neil Jameson, lead campaigner at employment rights group London Citizens, told Personnel Today: “We’re very unimpressed with Shiplee’s message, and he has diluted the deal even more. He still hasn’t answered our question of whether he will ensure a minimum living wage gets paid.”

Jameson said the organising committee promised to pay workers the living wage in 2004, prior to London winning the Olympics bid. He said contractors would not be put off getting involved by paying the enhanced wage.

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