Online profiles cause job applicants to be rejected

HR managers are rejecting candidates on the basis of their dodgy online profiles, a survey has revealed.

A global poll of 2,000 HR professionals and consumers by IT giant Microsoft found that 41% of UK HR managers had turned an applicant down simply because of their online profile.

Almost two-thirds of HR professionals (65%) believe it is appropriate to consider personal online reputational information when evaluating potential employees. Yet only 37% of individuals believe that the responsibility for protecting their online reputation lies entirely with them.

Cliff Evans, head of privacy and security at Microsoft UK, said: “Ignoring your online reputation is no longer an option.

“Reputation and information sharing as a privacy issue should be a major concern for individuals, particularly in a challenging economic environment where jobs are scarce. Social media, search and other online services offer tremendous benefits, but to safely embrace these services, people need to monitor and manage their online reputation.”

Charles Ashworth, managing director of recruitment agency Brook Street Bureau, said: “Clients we recruit for expect the highest standard of candidates and our consultants complete thorough pre-screening and selection practices to meet these requirements, which can include online checks.

“We therefore recommend that potential candidates actively review and manage their online presence on an ongoing basis.”

Last year, Personnel Today reported how almost half (46%) of UK adults think that having a professional online profile is important when trying to secure a new job, according to a study by online network LinkedIn and Opinium Research.





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