Online recruitment grows in popularity

As online recruitment marks its 10th anniversary this year, an article by Personnel Today’s sister publication IRS Employment Review that draws on new research shows this method is now used by more than seven in 10 employers.

The latest findings from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) survey of 972 employers show that advertising job vacancies on employers’ own websites is now the fourth most popular recruitment method.

More than seven in 10 employers advertise vacancies on their corporate websites, while jobs boards are used by four in 10, and the intranet is used by seven in 10.


However, an IRS survey of 105 online users shows that three in 10 reported ‘significant problems’ with online recruitment. The most prevalent was the large number of unsuitable candidates generated through online applications, which was cited by 74.2% of respondents. Yet the findings show that few employers use screening software. Just 8.6% of those who recruit online include a self-selection questionnaire that applicants can complete to check whether they are suitable for the job, and only 5.7% use online selection tests.


Just over one in five (22%) employers reported having too few applicants, while one in 10 cited expense as an issue.


However, the majority of employers are pleased with the results of using online recruitment, with specialist jobs boards receiving the most favourable feedback., 020 8686 9141

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