‘Out of office’ as Goldteam staff lend a hand

FMCG and hospitality recruiter Goldteam offered some Christmas goodwill through its ‘out of office’ scheme, visiting clients to help staff out with their work.

Providing a helping hand with tasks like cleaning hotel rooms, the visit from Goldteam’s recruiters helped raise staff’s spirits and allow employees to get ahead of their work schedule, which then in turn allowed them to do things such as attend their Christmas lunch. It also gave Goldteam the opportunity to check welfare standards and build stronger relationships with its clients.

Thanking Goldteam for its help, Chris Spencer, Executive Housekeeping Manager at London Heathrow’s Marriott Hotel said, “It was a very busy day for the hotel with an extended lunch hour for the associates to enjoy a Christmas meal, as well as an afternoon meeting for all, which several team members attended. The room attendants really enjoyed having the account managers helping them make beds and even clean a few rooms for them. It was a true morale booster which really helped create a bond between the associates and their manager. I hope the team enjoyed their day because it was an innovative thought that has not been seen from any other agency and really shows the team how much they are appreciated.”

“’Out of office’ has proved a great success and is another way for us to really add value to our clients and think outside the box”, says Karen Furminger, Goldteams’s General Manager. “The FMCG division also went out to its clients and the factories were very excited – they thought it was a great idea. Our sales team also went out, so they could experience their customers’ sites and culture. It was a great opportunity for everyone involved.”


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