Pay figures highlight regional divide

The City of London is top of the national hourly earnings league, with the gross average pay for full-time workers £28.20 per hour, new research reveals. 
There are only three other places, all in London, where average hourly pay exceeds £20.00. These are Tower Hamlets at £23.98, Islington at £21.66 and City of Westminster at £20.14.

These figures are contained in an analysis of official data published today by the GMB union.

The data shows a gap of £19.28 per hour between the areas at the top and bottom of the national UK league (£8.92).

The average figure for all of the 203 areas of the UK is £12.75 per hour and only 52 have rates above that.

London tops the regional league table with a gross hourly average wage for full time workers of £17.51. That is £6.63 per hour above the lowest placed region, Northern Ireland, which has an average of £10.88 per hour.

Regional rankings

  1.  London                                           £17.51 
  2.  South East                                     £13.51 
  3.  East                                                 £12.64
  4.  North West                                     £11.85
  5.  Scotland                                         £11.66 
  6.  South West                                    £11.64 
  7.  West Midlands                              £11.58 
  8.  Yorkshire and The Humber        £11.44 
  9.  East Midlands                               £11.20 
  10.  Wales                                             £11.16 
  11.  North East                                     £11.08 
    12  Northern Ireland   10.88 

The lowest-paid area in the UK is Powys, in Wales, where the average gross hourly wage is £8.92 for full time workers. Areas of Scotland and Wales dominate the bottom of the league.

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