PeopleAnswers’ Authenticity Alert assures clients of consistent responses on candidate assessments

HR managers can hire with confidence knowing that the pre-employment assessment delivers a true portrait of a candidate’s behavior preferences

Corporate leaders from every industry, including retail, distribution, manufacturing, finance, and hospitality, are using behavioral assessments to help identify the best candidates for open positions. With the use of assessments, though, comes a common question: How can you be sure that candidates are providing authentic, self-descriptive answers on their behavioral assessments?

PeopleAnswers, a leading provider of employee selection software, has addressed this concern with a new assessment software feature called Authenticity Alert™. Authenticity Alert may be triggered automatically for any job candidate completing the PeopleAnswers assessment when the testing process reveals anomalies that fall outside of established parameters. The alert symbol appears on a candidate’s assessment results only when these quality control measures are not satisfied.

PeopleAnswers established quality metrics for the Authenticity Alert after an extensive, multi-year data analysis involving several studies and nearly 65,000 completed assessments. According to established definitions of “consistent” versus “inconsistent” data, the alert activates when a candidate’s responses trigger one or more of the quality control metrics tracked by the PeopleAnswers software.

The Authenticity Alert flag serves as a reminder to hiring managers to take a more in-depth look at a candidate, and should not be regarded as reasonable grounds for disqualification. PeopleAnswers Chief Science Officer Jason Taylor describes the Authenticity Alert as an opportunity to probe more deeply into certain behavioral findings of the assessment. “The alert is simply an indicator that some aspect of the exam results fell outside our definition of ‘consistent.’ When the alert is activated, we encourage our customers to refer to the customized Must-Ask Interview Questions™ for that candidate to dig deeper into any behavioral characteristics that varied from standardized testing parameters.”

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