Performance training promise as CIPD chief aims to make HR more relevant

CIPD qualifications will be transformed over the coming year to offer HR staff a greater understanding of what drives performance in organisations, the boss of the institute has said.

Speaking exclusively to Personnel Today, Jackie Orme said the changes were designed to help HR practitioners better understand the business context they operate in and what leads to good and bad productivity.

The move is part of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’saim to improve the professional development path for HR practitioners at any stage in their career, which Orme promised after she joined the institute as chief executive in April 2008.

She said: “HR needs to understand what drives performance.” Of the CIPD qualifications that are offered, a significant chunk will be geared towards helping HR understand their organisation’s context and performance, she said.

“This isn’t just about being commercially savvy, it’s about understanding customers, the barriers to success in an organisation, and what outcomes an organisation is driving after,“Ormeadded.

The CIPD is also set to publish new research into the views of more than 4,500 HR practitioners. This research will help to shape CIPDqualifications in the future.

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