Pocket psychometric testing book published

The launch this month of the Psychometric Testing Pocketbook offers the non-specialist working in HR and management a clear, practical insight into how workplace testing can improve recruitment, selection, promotion and assist organisational development.

Says Dr Reuven Bar-On, author of the EQ-i: “This is a good source of information, presented in bite-size pieces that are both easily digestible and nourish one’s basic knowledge of how, when and why to assess people in the corporate world”.

Extensively illustrated, the 128-page pocket-guide explains the process of test selection and demonstrates, with the aid of case studies, how some of the more popular tests can be applied to achieve workplace solutions.

Its authors are chartered occupational psychologist Dr Barry Cripps – whose many leading roles include advisor to the CIPD – and Dorothy Spry, a business psychologist whose consultancy and training work is augmented by lecturing internationally.

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