Police on long-term sick leave may lose allowances

Police officers who are off sick for more than a year will not be paid their allowances under a proposal that has been put forward to the Police Negotiating Board.

Officers on sick leave currently receive full pay for six months, half-pay for the next six months and nothing but allowances – such as a London south-east or housing allowances worth up to £2,000 a year – thereafter.

But, according to Police Review magazine, police employers want officers on sick leave whose entitlement to pay has expired to lose any allowances they may have received as well.

The proposal has been rejected by staff representatives and will be the subject of conciliation negotiations between the two sides next month.

Glyn Smith, chairman of staff body the Met Federation, said the proposal would put unnecessary pressure on officers who are already sick.

“Someone who does little more than trip over a footpath or end up in a traffic accident could end up having to rely on state handouts,” he told Police Review.

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