Print recruitment’s demise is inevitable

I believe that the article on the growth of online recruitment (Personnel Today, 18 January) was indeed right to question the future of print recruitment. With e-recruitment offering so many benefits over traditional methods, the use of print recruitment is likely to further decline, especially as more and more companies realise they simply can’t afford not to recruit via the internet.

For the employer, an e-recruitment solution can help to considerably cut costs, maximise the scope of the search, ensure the best fit for the job, deliver a more consistent employer brand, and increase speed and efficiency at every stage of the recruitment cycle. It also provides internal employees with a greater opportunity for applying for vacancies, which helps increase staff morale and reduce external recruitment costs.

E-recruitment shows organisations to be forward-thinking and therefore more attractive to potential employees. For candidates, online recruitment offers great flexibility and ease of access to job searches. Searching for jobs online is particularly popular among graduates, so an e-recruitment solution is critical for companies with graduate recruitment programmes.

It will probably soon be the norm for candidates to expect a company to advertise vacancies online either on their own website, or via an external site. Those that don’t will surely miss out on quality people, and risk being left trailing behind their competitors in the battle for talent.

Patrice Barbedette
Founder, Jobpartners

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