Programme puts public sector managers on the map

Managers working in public service, their employers and local residents are set to benefit from a programme launched today by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The initiative comes in the wake of research by the CMI which revealed that almost three-quarters of the UK’s public sector managers fall short of stakeholder expectations.

The project has been developed to equip managers with the skills and attitudes needed to succeed in the public sector. It will bring participants together from a broad range of public sector employers to encourage shared learning and collaboration between services.

The programme will lead to a nationally recognised degree-level diploma in Public Service Leadership and follows a successful pilot involving 37 managers the West Midlands.

Organisations involved in the pilot scheme included West Midlands Police, West Midlands Fire Service, the Crown Prosecution Service and Birmingham City Council.

Neil Southern, director of qualifications at the CMI, said: “Management and leadership in the public sector is about achieving the maximum result within the constraints of limited budgets and ever-changing ‘customer’ needs and priorities.

‘Now, managers in the sector have the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and to learn how they can improve. At the same time they can contribute to the overall strategic delivery of public services through collaboration and achieve a qualification that recognises their leadership skills.”

By Mike Berry

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