Prudential pushes access to financial planning


Prudential UK is to provide all of its employees with up to
one day off work each year to attend to their personal financial planning. This
is the equivalent to around 50,000 hours, 


The company is calling upon large to medium-sized employers
to follow its lead by doing more to help their staff with their financial
planning through, for example, facilitating access to professional advice and
education in the workplace.


Research carried out by the Prudential shows that eight out
of 10 people believe their employers have a responsibility to help them with
retirement planning.


The survey, of more than 500 people aged 45 and above, also
reveals that only 10 per cent of respondents had been given time off to plan
for retirement before they stopped working.


According to the poll, 36 per cent of retired people say
their employers do very little to help them prepare for retirement and only one
in three that they had been provided with all the information they needed.


Less than a quarter of respondents 23 per cent say their
employer had offered them access to financial planning courses and workshops.


By Ben Willmott






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