Rank and file officers union criticises Staffordshire Police plans to cut costs by changing disability pay

Staffordshire Police Federation has warned against money-saving plans being touted by the force that suggest disabled officers be downgraded to accept the same pay and conditions as support staff.

According to Police Review magazine, Staffordshire Police managers have asked other forces for feedback on ideas, including requiring disabled officers to accept police staff pay and not paying evening shift allowance to police staff.

The proposals are part of Project Liberate, a force-wide programme aimed at finding savings through workforce modernisation.

But Mark Judson, chairman of Staffordshire Police Federation, disapproved. “This hasn’t been discussed with the federation [which represents rank and file officers] and we would be totally against it,” he said.

A Staffordshire Police spokesperson added: “Staffordshire Police is considering a number of options to release efficiencies for investment in front-line policing. Any element considered will be subject to full consultation of all the issues that may affect any of the interested parties.”

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