Recruitment remains stable in public sector

The public sector is continuing to recruit at a stable rate, with many employers expecting their workforce to expand, according to research from recruitment agency Manpower.

Its Employment Outlook Survey shows that the balance of public sector employers looking to take on more staff in August and September has stayed at 15% for the second successive quarter.

Not only does this figure present an extremely stable picture, but it is far higher than many parts of the private sector, including services (13%), and manufacturing (9%). The national average is 12%.

Chris Cox, business manager at Manpower Victoria, which solely recruits for the public sector, said: “At the moment, when you think of public sector recruitment, you think of job cuts in the civil service. However, a look at the big picture shows that public sector recruitment remains buoyant.

“Around the country, there is a pattern of recruitment throughout most of the public sector. This is partly due to the movement of civil service jobs away from London, the need for doctors and nurses, and also the continuing demand for staff in areas such as local government.

“Even in London, where there have been job cuts in central government, we have seen increased demand for temporary staff.”


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