Relevant job listings for all

XING today begins testing a new rating system that will ensure its members are shown more relevant job postings.

XING is making changes to Marketplace, its jobs site, to allow members to rate the degree of their interest in the job listings that they see.

This information will be fed into the system so that members can be shown job postings that are a better match for their own career aspirations.

Until now, the job postings displayed to XING members have been matched with current information in their XING profiles. 

In the future, members’ own individual preferences will be integrated into this matching process which will be of particular benefit to those embarking on a new chapter in their professional lives. 

Members will be able to rate job listings in terms of relevance to their personal career goals – on a scale ranging from “very interesting” to “not interesting” – resulting in a considerable increase in the accuracy of matches. 

Even a small number of ratings made by members will considerably enhance the relevance of Marketplace job recommendations.

If a member alters their career plans, their previous ratings can be deleted and new ratings made. All ratings made by members are completely anonymous and are not visible either to the poster of the job opening or to any other members.

Members who choose not to rate their listings will continue to be shown job openings that match the information in their XING profile.

The new rating system will be launched initially as a beta phase for a group of 10,000 test users and then made available to all members over the course of the coming weeks.

XING Marketplace is actively used by members around the world as a tool for effectively enhancing careers.

Since its launch in May 2007 the market for job listings has quickly taken root with members making almost 5 million clicks in the first half year of 2008 alone.

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