Reliance security goes online to sieze talent

Reliance Security Group, the market leader in the provision of security solutions, facilities management and business process outsourcing, has appointed online recruitment specialists, Changeworknow, to attract and recruit talent into the organisation.

“Our people are the cornerstone of our business so making the right recruitment decisions is paramount to our success,” says Belinda Davies HR Manager at Reliance.

“As a major blue chip employer we want to provide a first class experience for our candidates whilst also complying with the strict security checks we need to carry out on applicants. The new online recruitment system we have developed in partnership with Changeworknow will ensure this happens,” she says.

“Prior to the introduction of the online system we had an inconsistent approach to recruitment within the business and with several sites in the UK we needed to implement greater controls over recruitment. Before the process was manual and intensive, with a high administrative workload, but today we have an efficient and effective system that works for the business.

“Now we have the data and intelligence required to ensure we can attract and retain the right talent to drive the business forward,” says Belinda Davies.

Lisa Astbury, director of Changeworknow, explains:

“The new solution will enable Reliance to drive greater consistency in the hiring process. Being a highly regulated industry the ability to track and monitor the screening of all applicants is immensely important for the organisation.

“The process we have developed will reduce the number of unsuitable applicants, significantly reduce the overhead on the HR team and make a massive difference to the experience of candidates applying for roles.

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