Remote workers play havoc with IT patch management

Mobile and remote workers are playing havoc with IT departments’ efforts to secure systems that are vulnerable to viruses or hacking attacks, according to research.

A survey of 150 IT managers responsible for software “patches” and updates within their organisations, showed that three-quarters (74%) of companies are unable to reach mobile and remote workers at the first attempt.

When asked about the most important features of a patch management system, 65% of IT managers said their organisation considered the ability to ensure the delivery of patches was the most important feature.

Despite this requirement, 21% of organisations said they had no way of knowing precisely which patches are still in place three months after the initial distribution.

Twenty four per cent of companies surveyed said it took weeks or more to complete the distribution of patches across the organisation.

The research was carried out by independent researchers on behalf of remote management software company SupportSoft.

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