Research snapshot

Three in four decisions to switch HR software suppliers are made outside of HR, according to research by HR software and systems specialist, Computers In Personnel.

Only 28% of the 100 companies surveyed said that senior HR professionals owned the budget or were responsible for buying software and switching suppliers in their organisation.

A new direction in general corporate decision-making is cited as the main driver for change in purchasing technology systems, and next to this are developments in software and a system’s ability to bring about transformation in the business.

“HR professionals have to investigate and understand how systems will support their process and delivery of information,” says Christopher Berry, managing director at Computers In Personnel.

“What is the priority for its use – record keeping, management information, process improvement, or another reason? Who is the benefactor? Will it be the administrator, line manager or the employee, or will it be used as a senior management tool? It is essential to select a solution to meet the business needs of the organisation.”

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