Royal Opera House launches careers marketing campaign for ‘hard to fill’ roles with YouTube shorts

The Royal Opera House (ROH) has launched a multimedia advertising campaign to recruit backstage and customer-service staff.

The campaign incorporates print, outdoor and ‘viral’ elements, and is designed to appeal to applicants who feel they could transfer their skills and experience to the environment of the ROH.

The campaign includes six irreverent clips posted on video sharing website YouTube (see below). Each clip stars a different ROH employee in their own special ‘performance’.

Steven Foulston, human resources manager at the ROH, said “Although, for most positions we attract a lot of candidates, there are a number of ‘hard to fill’ jobs where we are competing in a very competitive job market.

“We want to challenge assumptions about the opera house and about the type of opportunities we have available.”

Click below to play one of the videos – click on ‘menu’ in the corner of the screen to view others


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