Salford University students’ bright prospects

I read with interest the article by Race for Opportunity director Sandra Kerr on ethnic minority diversity in higher education (Viewpoint, Personnel Today, 23 February).

While I fully endorse the views in the article in terms of diversity, the reference to employers being “less slavish” about whether a degree comes from the University of Edinburgh or the University of Salford may be construed as implying that the institutions are at the opposite ends of a spectrum.

More specifically, readers working in HR management may form a misimpression about the achievement of students undertaking CIPD accredited courses at Salford Business School for a post-graduate diploma or MSc in HRM.

In fact, employers consistently recognise the quality of teaching at Salford as well as its diversity, and this results in high levels of employment and career progression for our graduates.

The Guardian Postgraduate Guide shows that Salford’s students are more likely to complete their course and have a better staff to student ratio than those at Edinburgh.

I hope this letter puts the record straight while not detracting from the sentiments expressed in the article.

Dave Redfern
CIPD programme leader
University of Salford

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