Employing former soldiers

It was encouraging to read such a positive article about the valuable contribution of Armed Forces leavers (‘Employing ex-soldiers in the workplace’, Personneltoday.com, 18 February).

The UK job market is far more complex than often portrayed.

Simply put, there are some skills which remain scarce and others where supply far outstrips demand.

This poses critical issues for us, as a society, and as individual employers.

Ex-service personnel are a real untapped talent pool which, when thought of from a strategic point of view, can add genuine competitive advantage and efficiencies to both private and public sector organisations.

As the main provider of career transition services to the UK military, we know that many employers recognise the advantages of recruiting service leavers and those who continue to do so will build an organisation not just able to survive for today, but fit for the future.

David Duffy
Managing director
Career Transition Partnership

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