Salvation Army renews contract with MidlandHR for a further nine years

The Salvation Army has renewed its contract with MidlandHR for a further nine years. The high profile church and registered charity, providing social care to anyone in need, will use the HR, payroll, talent management and workforce planning provider’s iTrent system as a hosted application service alongside additional payroll bureau processes. This development builds on a highly collaborative existing partnership, helping to streamline HR and payroll operations for 8,000 people across five separate payrolls. 

Rosalyn Rudran, application specialist at The Salvation Army, comments: “After working successfully with MidlandHR for the past five years our decision to continue the contract will see us enjoy a further nine years in partnership. We have found MidlandHR’s payroll bureau service a suitable solution that allows us to have ownership and control over our data input, providing a functional half-way house solution for the provision of our complex payroll process. Since MidlandHR holds specialist product knowledge, we also take a black-box approach to server management, leaving server and software maintenance to the MidlandHR Managed Service team. 

“MidlandHR host our servers along with managing the technical architecture and until this year we managed the communications link between MidlandHR and our site. However in February this year, following our migration to the iTrent system, the final performance tests for the communications link upgrade were completed and our link is now fully managed and maintained by MidlandHR. 


“We find MidlandHR’s flat quarterly costs make budgeting quite straightforward and a more cost effective model than paying in-house technical staff to manage the delivery and maintenance of our iTrent system.  By selecting the managed service option, comprising of hosted iTrent service and payroll bureau, we have a 1-stop solution provider working with us to make our HR and payroll process more streamlined.”  

The relationship between The Salvation Army and MidlandHR, which began in April 2005, has developed in three stages – initially utilising the benefits of MidlandHR’s hosted HR and payroll system, followed by the decision to extend its service to include payroll bureau elements and finally the migration to the latest fully integrated iTrent system. This has proved extremely successful, reducing the costs and logistical difficulties associated with performing entire HR system and payroll functions internally.

Lawrence Knowles, managing director of MidlandHR comments: “We are delighted that our relationship with The Salvation Army, a universally renowned charity, continues to go from strength to strength. We are fully committed to meeting the organisation’s core objectives and have tailored our product and service offerings accordingly. Using our hosted iTrent solution, MidlandHR will provide the charity with the opportunity to focus on their primary objectives, safe in the knowledge that all their HR and payroll needs are taken care of.”

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