Saville Consulting questionnaires are superior measures of job performance

Professor Peter Saville has demonstrated that both the Wave Professional Styles and Wave Focus Styles questionnaires are superior measures of job performance when compared to a range of assessments including the OPQ, 16PF5, HPI and DISC.

Professor Saville, International Chairman of Saville Consulting and world-renowned expert on psychometrics and personality, has been presenting landmark research at a series of breakfast events around the UK, which compares the Saville Consulting Wave Professional Styles and Focus Styles assessments to other prominent personality assessments.

He also demonstrated remarkable advances in psychometric methods by applying modern technology to the same questionnaire construction techniques that were employed when he created the OPQ twenty-five years ago.

From this endeavour, he has produced the New Personality Questionnaire (NPQ), which has superior validity to the OPQ and yet takes only ten minutes to complete, compared to the sixty minutes demanded by the OPQ.

Professor Saville concluded that whilst the findings are groundbreaking, they are to be expected.

The Saville Consulting range is new and has been developed by leading authorities in this field. The questions were written especially for our global and IT age, but are nonetheless based on proven models of personality.

The competitor questionnaires were often developed over twenty years ago and whilst they provide a level of comfort and familiarity for the user, they can be likened to using a transistor radio as opposed to a flat-screen TV.

They may have been useful in the past, but nowadays may not be able to provide the level and detail of information that is required for assessment and prediction in the 21st century.

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