Sixty per cent of working women admit to office flings

One in five working women have had sex at work, claims a survey by WorldWIT, a 35,000-member online community.

Sixty one per cent of members said they had been romantically involved with a colleague while 20% had had sex in their office building. Locations included conference rooms, lifts, storage rooms and even the boss’s desk.

But one in four said they regretted their indiscretion, saying: “It went terribly. What was I thinking.” But a third are still with the colleague concerned.

WorldWIT boss Liz Ryan warned office amouresses to be cautious. “From e-mail usage to client dinners, corporations are peering even more closely into employee behaviour,” she said.

She added that female office romancers should never:

  • Date down and become romantically involved with a subordinate

  • Date up and go out with your manager

  • Indulge in public displays of affection.

Ryan advised professional women looking for love at work to go beyond their immediate office.” The further away the better.”

And, if professional women do enter into a romantic liaison with a colleague they should advise their boss “as soon as possible”.

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