Size and sector determine e-learning take-up

Two major drivers behind e-learning are the size of a company, and the sector in which it operates.

These are some of the initial findings in a survey from Ufi/learndirect known as Embedding e-learning in large organisations, which was released as Training Magazine went to press.

It found that four in five larger companies are currently using or planning to use e-learning.

It also found that there is a relationship between the size of a company and the probability of it employing e-learning.

For example, 63 per cent of companies with more than 10,000 staff use e-learning – a figure almost double that of companies with between 500 and 999 staff.

The survey also found that companies in the business services sectors are more likely to adopt e-learning, closely followed by those in manufacturing.

Those that do so choose e-learning because they are taking the opportunity to exploit new technology, some of which they may have installed for other business reasons.

The benefits of e-learning are regarded as flexibility, accessibility and cost savings.

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