Snubbed applicant hits HR for money

Like all the best blackmail claims that land in Guru’s in-tray, this letter arrived on HR director and Guru disciple Alison’s desk. It makes some thoroughly unreasonable demands following the failure of one job applicant to secure a position.

I have received your letter informing me of your decision. I would have thought that there would have been more feedback with this decision than the scant information given.

Your company, having first asked me to attend an interview and second making their decision, must now pay me for my inconvenience, including travel and my time taken out to be interviewed.

Therefore, there is an outstanding account for 160 miles travel @ 0.42p/miles = £67.00 + 3hrs @ £21/hr = £63.00 making a total outstanding amount of £128.00.

I will expect a cheque to be forwarded to me within the next seven days.

Thanking you in advance for the assistance you have given me.


(Just to be clear, the Xs after the name are Alison’s way of blanking out the surname, not ‘Chris’ being over-amorous, as Guru first thought.)

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